Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Strength of my Love


You turned 1 year old last week.  We had a huge blowout for you and you were the perfect baby through it all.  Typically, littles your age are overwhelmed by the commotion and lack of sleep that a party brings.  You my dear, were not!  You took two naps during the party and you let everyone hold you without fussing.  You gave everyone that special smile and you even played with the big kids.  You looked like a pro when it came to hitting the piñata!  You grabbed the stick from Tata Robert and started banging it, while smiling of course!  When people sang "Happy Birthday" to you, you smiled and then politely clapped!  I made your cake, Strawberry Lemonade, and i think the icing was just a wee bit too tart for you!  You are a doll and you are so loved.

*Pictures taken by CV Photography

On the eve of your birthday, you took your first official stroll!!! We were very tired it was around 10:15pm.  We were just getting finished setting up for your party.  You were falling asleep in Nana Sarah's arms and then you got a burst of energy.  You wanted to be put down so that you could dance on the floor to the music playing.  A Michael Jackson song came on (now I can't even remember which one, I'll have to ask your dad) and you started bobbing your head and clapping your hands.  You stood up next to the table and started moving all around.  We felt it coming, I think your dad reached for his phone to take video and I even said out loud, "I should get my camera."  We could feel the big steps coming!  While still dancing, you looked at your dad and just decided to walk (at least 5 steps) to him.  You simply let go of the table and took off.  You had discovered a new mode of transportation, and for 15 minutes straight, you would take 5 or 6 steps and then fall, get back up, take another 5 or 6 steps and fall and get back up.  You were having such a good time!  And to think, we almost put you to bed moments before!

Little Babbles:

"Wassat?" (What's that?)
"Eh-Lo" (Hello?) you put the phone up to your ear for this one.
"hIIII!!!" You say this while tilting your head and trying to get someone's attention.
"Boh-no" (Bruno, your dog)
Pa-pa (this means food)
Baaaaa (When you saw the sheep at the farm)
You can say Nana and Tata.
I think your dad mention that you said "Tanks" once while he was changing your diaper. (You are so polite!)
You shake your head yes and no. (Actions sometimes speak louder than words)

None! You and your sister are both late bloomers in this area.

You love the Puppy Dog toy that sings and claps and makes all kinds of noise.
Anything your sister is playing with fascinates you.

You cannot go without your blanket.  Just like your big sis, you love to cuddle up with a blanket. Right now you like the really soft pink one but i am trying to incorporate others so you aren't too attached to one specific blanket.

Your favorite place to sleep at night is still our bed but you are getting better at sleeping in your pack n play positioned fairly close to mama!

Julianna, I never imagined loving you as much as I do!  I could not fathom loving another child as much as your sister. But I guess it is just another super power trait of mothers!  You are my joy in everyday.  When I see your sweet face my heart still melts.  I love holding you so tight and listening to you giggle as I nuzzle your neck. To me, you will always be my baby girl and I will always want to protect you from all foreign things.  But fight against me, live your dreams and make your voice heard!  

"No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. 
After all, you're the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside."

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