Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Julianna's Jabbers

  • Dis (For "this" or any  other word she doesn't know how to articulate yet)
  • Uuuuh-Oooh (when something falls)
  • Beelll-uuhh (When she's looking for Bella around the house)
  • Pup-pup (for puppy or Bruno specifically)
  • Boh-no (for Bruno)
  • Papa!!! (for food. we call it pa-pa)
  • Des (sounds like "Dis" but means yes)
  •  I do! I do! (she wants to do everything on her own now)
  • Wooowww!
She is a doll and we love her so much!

Bella's Babbles

As Bobby and I are preparing to add another sweet darling face to our beautiful collection of gorgeous babies, Isabella has been growing up on us.  Her speech is of course much better and she is discovering new words daily.  But what keeps us laughing are the phrases she puts together and just the thought process of her little 3 year old mind.  Here are some that have kept us laughing for weeks:

  • When i explained to Isabella that she may not have a baby brother but another baby sister instead, she says: "So we can take this one back? Or did you pay for it already?" as she points to little Julianna.
  • "Mama, i am so soakin tired!" or "Mama, i am so soakin hungry!" or "Mama, i love you so soakin much!" She hasn't figured out that that term only makes sense when you say "soakin wet"
  • Me: "Bella thank you for helping me!" Isabella: "So much mama." She doesn't get yet that we say "You're welcome" she thinks the correct term is "So much" I think she got this from, "Bella i love you so much!" Isabella: "So much mama!"
  • Nana Sarah: "Isabella do you know your address?" Isabella: "My wedding dress!?!"
  • "Mama, i love dada so much! He is sooo handsome. He's my husband and we're going to get married!"
I'll stop there for now.  But i'm sure i can go back and pull some more out! She keeps us laughing!