Saturday, July 23, 2011

Miss Fluff

When I was pregnant with Julianna, I didn't know how I was going to be able to share my love with another little one.  Isabella has filled my heart with so much love that it seemed impossible to squeeze in another child.  Remarkably, to love another child, is as easy as breathing.  When I held Julianna for the first time, it felt like I was a new mother all over again.  And in a way, I was.  I had never been a mother to TWO beautiful babies.  I had to change my routine with Isabella to include this newborn baby.  I have expanded my heart to encompass another life.

Julianna has been another dream of mine fulfilled.  There was a time in college when I decided that children probably were not going to be in my future.  My life was taking a different turn.  New doors were opening and at the time, I thought kids just won't fit in.  Then fear set in.  I convinced myself that I was not a woman who could physically have children.  That fear became very real to me and I was certain my body could not produce a life.  With that fear of not being able to give birth to an extension of myself, and the love of my life, my dream for children multiplied!  I knew being a mother would be a dream that I might not get to live.

With the birth of my first daughter, I was relieved and joyous.  Isabella opened our eyes to a different life.  She allowed us to experience adventures we could only hope for.  Julianna has made our family and adventures that much sweeter!  She has been such a wonderful addition and I am still in awe at how I can love a being so much!  When I am away from her, just a thought of this sweet baby stops me and I smile...and almost cry.

I thank the heavenly beings above for granting this wish.  I thank them for making my dream of children come true.  I thank my husband for being such a wonderful man.  He is a constant presence in his daughter's everyday lives.  He is a true partner.  A father that every woman hopes for their children.  My dream of a family has come to life.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My little Firecracker

Two years have gone by since I fell completely and utterly in love with a person I had only laid eyes on for less than a second.  Though I knew her more than anyone could know a person that they just met.  She loved loud cheering (Diamondbacks games) and would bounce around when she heard it.  She loved when I would eat cupcakes!  Or maybe that was just me!

Now, she loves Abbie from Sesame Street, the movie Dispicable Me, Dancing in only her diaper, her little sister Juli-Nana or another name for her, Baby Sanna!  She loves waking up to see her Dad there to rescue her from her crib.  She loves ALL her cousins!  She loves going down the slide over and over  a n d  o v e r.....again.
She is my little Firecracker, appropriately born in July.  She is a feisty one who demands the rooms attention.  She has fiery fits and snuggable hugs.  She knows enough words to melt your heart. She is my little doll face.

And my little Firecracker turned two.