Monday, July 16, 2012

My pants are getting tighter

It's true. They are.  I wish i could post a picture to show you.  But i'm not brave enough.

The phrase, "Just because it zips, doesn't mean it fits" is coming to mind.

Ho hum.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

gettin there

Time is running out to see my two little girls running down the halls of our very first home.  I love to hear them conversing (mostly fighting) in the playroom.  Some of my best phrases are: "Julie, do you want to go play in my room?" and "Jules! Noooo! Stop pulling my hair!" and "Ok Juju, you wear this hat and I'll wear this dress, ok Juju?" And from Julianna: "Uuuuhh-oooh."  "Pup Pup"  "Beellll-uuuh....Bell-uh?"

I hope these days do not fade quickly from my memory.  The days our family of four all slept in one bedroom-Julianna in her pack-in-play (or our bed) and Isabella on her toddler cot (or our bed).  The days we do not have to climb stairs to crawl into bed.  The days where their bedrooms were just additional play rooms.

We have been busy packing up the house little by little.  We take breaks.  We take breaks a lot.  Our breaks last longer than our non-breaks.  Hmph.  I hate moving.  I hate packing and i hate unpacking.  I hate being so excited about the next big chapter in our lives only to be depressed about our lives changing once the time nears.

But i do love hearing Bella say, "Mama, are they still working on my new house?  When do we go again? Me and Juju are going to have the same room?"  I love that Bobby has done everything he can to get us into the place we so longed to live.  I love all the decorating plans i have in mind for the new home.  And i especially love how i will feel once we move in and are settled.  It will feel like our home and not like we are passing by.  I never felt that way in our current home.  I would make home improvements for the resale value only.  I knew it would only be our temporary home.  Even with all the memories, I knew we would walk away from it one day.  So we are gettin there...