Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This week our little family sent our oldest out into the world.  Tuesday was the first day she has ever left her family members, her safety net and her comfort zone.  I often hear coaches say you'll know what you're made of when you leave your comfort zone.  My little Isabella is a brave, intelligent and friendly soul.  She was a little hesitant when we were getting ready to leave.  I made her a sign, "1st day of Preschool" and she didn't want to hold it up and smile.  But when her little partner in crime, Julianna, joined her she was smiling and making funny faces and holding up that little sign, careful not to mess up the chalk.  I love her and I love that she is her sister and brother's example of courage.  She is showing her two siblings how to go out into the world. 

When I picked her up that first day, she was smiling and couldn't even wait for me to get her into the car before wanting to show me what she did that day with her two classmates and her teacher, Mrs. Katelyn.  Isabella told me that she read a book about a little raccoon that left it's mama for the first time but the mama kissed its hand before leaving and a little heart remained.  She showed me her craft that went along with that book and then said, "Just like the freckle you gave me, mama!" 

When Isabella was about 18 months i noticed a little freckle on the back of her arm.  Being that she has very minimal freckles (in fact, i don't think she has any other than the one i'm talking about) I told her that I gave her one of my many freckles and put it on her.  That way she can look at it and know that i am always with her.  She'll always know just how much i love her when she looks down at that freckle.  I often point it out to her if we know we are going to be a part for a long time.  I say, "Where's your freckle? It's still there!! See I'm always with you."
My heart was beating fast when she pointed out the correlation of the raccoon's heart shaped kiss his mama gave him and her little freckle that her mama gave her to my attention.  I love that smart little girl so much.  I hate myself when I find myself being selfish or impatient with her.  She surprises me and Bobby everyday. 

I hope she remembers this week anytime she is scared to try new things in life.  I hope she remembers how brave she was and how fun it all turned out in the end.