Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bella's Babbles

  • Don't eat that dada, it's not chocolate. It's poop!
  • Ewwww! Dis-tus-ting
  • That's a must-a-mash (mustache) 
  • Mama, put me back in your stomach and then I'll come out of your butt! (where babies come from)
  • Mama, give me a cousin in there. (As she points to my stomach.  My sister and Bobby's sister is pregnant. She thinks all babies are cousins!)
  • "Sexy and i know it!" (Thank you pop music.)
  • What's happ-in-ing to me? (when something hurts :( )
  • I have to go potty, and so does Ju Ju! (they have the same pee and poop schedule, no lie)
  • Oh mama!!! My chones (underware)?? You washed them? Thank you Thank you! (As she holds them close and hugs me)
  •  Whatcha doin? Mama, Whatcha doin?