Tuesday, April 17, 2012


One: The House
So, the house Bobby and I decided on is about to go vertical this week! Eek.  I get so excited about this new place that will hold so many of our family's events.  School mornings: hustling to get the girls dressed, fed and out the door with their homework!  Weekend BBQs: Bobby grilling at his outside kitchen, the girls chasing Bruno and the fresh squeezed lemonade in a glass pitcher (ok, maybe that fresh squeezed part was in an episode of Leave it to Beaver, but come on man, these are just my fantasies!) Holiday moments: Trolling the neighborhood for Halloween candy, girls watching Macy's Day Parade in the Family Room while i baste a turkey, waking on Christmas Morning to screams of delight as the girls find out that Santa ate all their cookies!  Now all i need is the energy, creativity and patience to create these memories for the girlies.  I can't wait to move in.  I am already selecting new furniture for the rooms!

Two: The Cruise
The time is nearing for our departure oversees!  We are busy booking excursions and memorizing the ship's decks.  I am starting to shop for the wardrobe now and I'm trying to get too carried away.  I know that dresses will be the main event since they are easy to roll up and what's easier than throwing on a dress and some sunny sandals?  I'm liking this look but i'm too cheap to buy all those accessories!

So this is where the cruise is at today.  Booking excursions and planning outfits!

Three: 4 year Anniversary!
This Thursday will mark 4 years for hubs and I.  This past Saturday he booked a room for us at a resort.  During the day we got massages and I got a facial.  Then we got ready and went out to eat.  We had wonderful recommendations of near by lounges we should try for after dinner cocktails.  We were ready for a night of boozing but instead we both decided on a movie!  We were back in our room by 12:00am!  We are such party animals. It was a great night though.  It was beautiful weather and our room was right on the golf course.  The next morning we had breakfast at the resort restaurant and dined outside by the lake.  It was a great view to enjoy omelets!  It was nice getting to spend a day with each other to rejuvenate for parenthood.

We are so wrapped up in the kid's well being and trying not to miss opportunities to have fun as a family, that we forget that its ok to be selfish and want it to just be us for a night.  I love to watch him hold our girls as they fall asleep, but it was nice to be back in those arms for a night.  He is the man i thought he would always be, though it still shocks me everyday how attentive he is and how hands-on he is with the girls.  I know I'm lucky to have him!

 *Photo taken by CV Photography

Four: My first race.
No excitement for this one.  I have not prepared myself.  On Saturday Bobby and I will be running the Pat Tillman race.  I should mention that Saturday will also mark the first 100 degree day here in lovely Phoenix.  I hope i make it through without dying of heat stroke or exhaustion.  Did I mention that it is only a 4.2 mile race? Yeah, I'm THAT out of shape. Wish me luck!  

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