Thursday, April 19, 2012

My place is with you

Often, when love stories have progressed from the early days of absolute bliss, you enter a state of  "Is this really the one?"  Soon the questions begin: Is this the person i was meant to be with?  Is this the person i want to spend my life with?  More importantly, is the person I am when i'm with him, really me?  Is it the person i want to be?  Can he really love me forever?  Am I what he imagined?

I met you when i was twelve years old.  I thought i had everything figured out, as most pre-teens do, and i had my whole future planned.  I thought i would meet my one true love after i graduated college, if ever.  Certainly no one really serious ever enters someone's life until you have had a chance to grow and learn what kind of person you really are. 

Our age was always a factor to everyone else, and soon it became my worry as well.  I fought against us.  You don't find your soul mate when you're twelve years old.

You have been there at every stage of my ups and very lows.  Even when we were not together, we were together.  You were always there even when i didn't want you to be.  You knew me deeper than i knew myself.  And yet, you loved me.  You loved me and you still love me.  

I would imagine the cities i would live in.  The big career i would have.  The very important people i would meet.  These dreams made me happy.  They made me feel important.  As i mature, i know that my dreams lie with you.  No matter where we are.  My place is with you. 

You have given me my happiest moments.  You give me peace at the end of everyday.  You will give me all my dreams.  You have never said no to me, not once.  I hope i can make you smile the way you make my heart smile.  I hope that I am the wife you imagined i could be.  I hope that i am the mother to your girls that you can be proud of. 

I love every inch of you.  My soul reached for yours and it will never let go.  You make the days easy, you are so easy to love.  I love you. I love you. I love you.  Here's to Me & You. <3 

My Love,
"You are never far from me"

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