Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's a him

Doctor says i am to have a boy come Valentine's day.  A little cherub for our family to welcome into our love web and embrace him as we did each of his sisters before him.  He'll be our little man and i already have visions of baby girl #1 and baby girl #2 fighting for his attention.  Hopefully my vision of each of them holding one of his arms and tugging will not come true!

They already kiss him and whisper "Love you's" and Isabella affectionately calls him "My little dodo!"  As in "Hiiiii my little dodo!!!"  "I love youuuu my little dodo!"  The other day, she and i sat down and watched Alice in Wonderland.  When the Dodo bird appeared her eyes got super big and she whipped her head around to me and asked, "Is that what my baby brother looks like?"  Did i mention she thought she invented the word "dodo?"

Julianna sneaks over to me and looks up into my eyes and i know what ther eyes are asking me, "Pull up your shirt mama, i wanna kiss him again" and then she lays one on my stomach and runs off before anyone can see her.  I think she would like it if even i didn't see.  As if she wants that moment to be just between her and little brother.  She's learning to say his name and it comes out like this: "Obb-ert"

Yes, we are naming him Robert.  No he will not be a junior as his middle name will not match his dad's.  His middle name will be Carlos.  Perfectly fitting in with the naming of our other two kids.  Naming him after our family members, Robert (his dad) and Carlos (my dad).  He will be our little man indeed!  Already caring such a mature name for just a wee little one.

And just like with the previous two, i hold him close at night (even if a big belly is in the way) and whisper to him how much i already love him.  I was nervous when i was pregnant with Julianna.  I thought, "how will i love another as much as my sweet baby girl Isabella?"  But my heart grew to encompass the love i have for our second born.  Another phenomenon us mothers perform!

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