Sunday, June 16, 2013

Time has passed

Quite some time has passed.  I'm on a new adventure now.  A mom to not only two, but three.  A mom to not only girls, but a little boy too. 

This is him. His name is Robert. A big name for my little man.  He is named after a man I love with all my might. His daddy.  Bobby and I argue back and forth who he looks like. He says he looks like me.  But when I look down into his eyes I see my love, looking back at me through those teddy bear eyes. 

He coos and looks for me now.  Already four months old.  He's learned to roll from his back to his stomach.  And I missed it.  I thought it would be easier this time around.  Missing those milestones that only a mama and daddy can appreciate.  I thought it would be easier because this is my third and I should be used to these tiny milestones...and used to missing them.  But i'm not used to it.  He's my third, but just like with each of his sisters, I tear up a little because I missed it.  It doesn' get easier.  And I'm happy it doesn't.  I'm happy to feel the same excitement I felt when Isabella hit her rolling milestone.  Excitment and melancholy at the same time.  Melancholy because he is growing every day and I am missing those tiny (and big) pieces of his day.  Work. ugh! I hate you and I love you, work.

I have a son.  I have a little boy to love. 

 Thank you, little man. Just for being born.  We love you so much!

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