Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

The night before Halloween after work, Bobby and I threw a little pumpkin carving party for the girls.  We invited Bobby's parents and his sister Ginger and family over.  Ginger brought hot chocolate and marshmallows and Bobby's mom made us all chili beans! It was amazing.

There was a lot of rushing around to purchase the pumpkins after work.  I was a little frustrated when i went to the store and they told me they were out of the pumpkin carving sets.  "Oh well, i guess we'll just use our steak knives" thought went through my head.  Like with all little things we do for our kids, i stress out and make little hiccups more of a problem than they need to be.

My house was a mess so i had to do a quick sweep before everyone arrived.  Thankfully, Bobby was picking up the kids for me and like the gem that he is, he found a pumpkin carving kit at another store! Love him.

As were carving the pumpkins, little Julianna (my little destructo) is fishing in the pumpkin guts and getting messy.  So i freak out a little again but then calm myself down because, hey that is half the fun right? Playing with those pumpkin guts!

At the end of the night, we had three pumpkins carved out of 7 and my precious Isabella tells me, "Mama, today was good day!"

And that right there makes all the running around worth it!  Love my girls and adore my husband.  And thank goodness for great in-laws who make every event so special!  Happy Halloween all!

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