Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Searching for Home.

You know you're no longer young and hip when you don't worry about the closest bars or entertainment venues in your neighborhood, but rather, "What schools will my kids go to?" "Will there be kids in the neighborhood their age?" I feel like such a mama bird.  So, there is really only one location that i want to live in for this reason.  It doesn't hurt that the views are spectacular!  But this does mean i am going to have to say goodbye to my beloved West Side.  I guess "West Side til I die" wasn't so accurate!  Goodbye farm land, goodbye agriculture and all the smells that come with it!

Maybe my goodbyes are a little premature, but I'm trying to make piece of the fact that i will not be living in the house Bobby and I came home to after we said "I do." Or the house where little Isabella stumbled her first steps and baby Julianna nestled into her new family.  There are still negotiations to be made and paperwork to be signed on the new place but the plan is in motion. The time is approaching when we will have to say goodbye to our cozy little street where kids play outside and neighbors actually talk to each other! These walls have provided memories that will live in my heart.  A place where so many celebrations were had and stories told.  

When we moved into this home, we never anticipated to fall in love with it so much.  We thought we would have a couple of good "starter" years and we would be on our way.  But, so much has happened in the years that we occupied this space (My sister's wedding, the birth of our two girls, birthday and Halloween parties, old dogs and new dogs....the list goes on). It'll be hard to let go. I am going to soak in the next couple of months and hope that Julianna doesn't take her first steps quite yet.  Hopefully that will be a memory to be had  in our new home!

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