Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ONE. thing. at. a. time.

Many exciting things on the horizon for 2012.  This year my baby girl Julianna turns the big O-N-E at the end of March and, yes, I am already starting to plan for the big celebration.  She has brought so many smiles to our little piece of the world in this short year that went by at lighting speed!  She is crawling like a pro and pulling herself up to a standing position.  When she crawls after me (she is becoming very clingy lately) she tries standing up.  She pushes her butt in the air but can't seem to manage to let go of the floor with her hands.  She's almost there!


We are trying to schedule a family photoshoot/Julianna's 1yr shots with Bobby's cousin.  We hope to use these pictures for her invitation.  Still have not nailed down a theme yet but I think it is going to be Spring-esque.  She is my little Spring birdie.  I just can't believe the year is almost up!

This brings me to my next decision, do we wait one more year to work on baby number 3?  Bobby and I always imagined all our babies would be close in age.  We like the age gap we have now with the girlies but throwing another into the picture right now just seems a little crowded.  I would love to welcome another into our home but I have to keep in mind our support group.  We are lucky to have family that help us out A LOT with child care.  Currently, my sister and Bobby's sister is pregnant.  We are so happy to be getting more cousins for the girls but that does play on our decision to add another to our supportive family at this time.
Family of four
Just last night, I asked Bobby what his thoughts were and of course he said whatever I want, he is on board (love that man).  But ideally he thought we would wait until Julianna is 2 to start on #3.  Ok, I can definitely live with that.  But will i be in the same mind frame as i am in now?  I feel conditioned caring for a baby.  Our house is already set up for a newborn/infant/baby.  I'm scared that once i start putting things away (giving things away) i'll become comfortable with just the 2 toddlers.  I want another (maybe two) and i don't want to get comfortable with just two.  Plus, i am ADDICTED to being pregnant.  I love feeling the tiny flutters that grow into "Hey LADY! I'm in here!" punches.  So much to take into consideration.

I also want to go back to school to pursue a degree in Occupational Therapy.  Would child #3 be put on hold again? For what, 3 more years until i finish school?  Are my dreams too much for my family right now?  What's better, going to school now when their little or waiting until their going to school themselves?  That just doesn't seem realistic to me.  At this point, i feel like i need to let that dream go.  I really should have taken care of that before i had a family.

Also, we want to move into a new house.  How do we do that?  When is it a good time?  Is it financially responsible?  Where would we live?  I can't find a house that comes close to what we have now.  I love our house but want to live in a different neighborhood.  Can i just rent those "Wide load" trucks and move it?  How much would that be?

On a brighter note:  One of my dreams is coming true this year!  We are finally going on the Mediterranean Cruise!  We have our hotel booked and paid the deposit for the cruise! It's really happening.  I really did not think we would be doing this until well into our second lag in life.  I'm so excited!! Young and in love in Italy, Spain and France! Life is good!

Now, i have to stop worrying about what i don't have and enjoy what i do have.  The health of my babies and husband is what's important. Life is good indeed!


  1. I can't wait to meet your sweet girls! Very sweet post. I'm so proud of you being such a good mommy and wifey. :)