Sunday, July 21, 2013

...if you're young at heart.

We just got back from a very memorable vacation to California.   We weren't going to do it.  Really we weren't.  But we went for it.  We loaded up our small tribe and spent the day at one of the most magical places.  We met celebrities, soared in the sky on a magic elephant and sang along with children of the world.  We said we should wait for Disneyland for the kids to be a little older and for the two of us to have a little more money.  But we went for it. I'm so happy we did.  Now for a mess of pictures!

Kids, guess where we're going? Disneyland!!!!

Happy kids

After this ride i hear, "Bye choo choo, bye!" from my Juju.

Ah, so amazing. Something about a gorgeous man with cute babies.
Bobby scored major points with the girls when he surprised them with these magical hats.  He even got one for little Robert, which in turn, scored major points with me!

Her favorite.

Our love story.
Behold, celebrities!!!!

It's a small world. Still a big hit for kids!

I'm a little obsessed with hot air balloons!

Our best attempt at a family photo!

 There were lots of smiling faces like above.  My heart was over filling!! Such a great, great day!

A stop at Minnie's house! I couldn't wait to show them her little cottage!

 Meeting the big man himself, Mickey!  Bobby said they were the last group let in because Toon Town was closing for the night. The girls were in awe!

 Lots of cotton candy!

So lesson learned in parenthood: Go! Just do it. Forget about the cost, the toddler meltdowns and the long lines. This day was indeed magical! Thank you for the memories, Disneyland!

Part II of our California vacation coming up soon!

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  1. wow! you are one brave mama!! what an amazing trip :) glad you had a wonderful time!