Saturday, July 9, 2011

My little Firecracker

Two years have gone by since I fell completely and utterly in love with a person I had only laid eyes on for less than a second.  Though I knew her more than anyone could know a person that they just met.  She loved loud cheering (Diamondbacks games) and would bounce around when she heard it.  She loved when I would eat cupcakes!  Or maybe that was just me!

Now, she loves Abbie from Sesame Street, the movie Dispicable Me, Dancing in only her diaper, her little sister Juli-Nana or another name for her, Baby Sanna!  She loves waking up to see her Dad there to rescue her from her crib.  She loves ALL her cousins!  She loves going down the slide over and over  a n d  o v e r.....again.
She is my little Firecracker, appropriately born in July.  She is a feisty one who demands the rooms attention.  She has fiery fits and snuggable hugs.  She knows enough words to melt your heart. She is my little doll face.

And my little Firecracker turned two.


  1. Hey good stuff. I don't want to say to much because it's not the appropriate place, other than I need to get in contact with your mom. She was working for us the past two weeks in California. Unfortunately, I dont have a number to contact her because we were using her sister's number to contact her before she went back to AZ. It's very important that I speak with her regarding her employment with us. Please send me a number where she can be reached. You may contact me via email at
    Thanks, Chris