Friday, November 4, 2011

Goodbye October (Best month of the year)

October signals the start of the Holiday season for me.  Halloween has always been such a grand gesture in my house growing up as a kid.  My parents would take the day off and we would spend the day decorating the house and baking cookies.  We would carve the pumpkins and wait for the trick or treaters to come.

This Halloween, we took the girls to my mom's of course.  We dressed Isabella and my niece Riley in their costumes (A Candy Corn Witch and a Vampire Batch Witch) and we prepared to take them out.  Little Ju Ju (Black Cat) stayed behind to nap.  As we were walking the streets in search of the candy, i could smell the candles in the jack-o-lanterns and a swarm of memories came back.

Almost every house in our neighborhood would pass out candy.  The parents would open their garage doors and sit out in lawn chairs and pass out the candy.  It looked like a giant block party!  This year was not the same.  1 out of 3 houses passed out candy!  It was not the Halloween Trick or Treating experience that i had as a kid.  I'll give the neighborhood one more year, then we might just have to give our neighborhood a go. 

Isabella did so well at trick or treating, making sure to say the magic words ( no not please): "Trick or Treat" then-"Thank you, Happy Halloween!!!"  Did you notice this year that most kids are mute when you open the door? They just stick out their bag and wait for the candy.  Bobby made the kids say Trick or Treat before handing them candy.  I was shocked the littles all went mute!

I'll post some pictures of the night later, i wanted to hurry up and get this post up before i had to edit it to say Goodbye October, and November and Decemeber!

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